Pipe stripes

Pipes in the Sun

The weather cooled down in the last few days. The schools are back and so is gridlock in the mornings. The Bosphorus is truly one of the most beautiful sights as it glistens in the late summer sun. We are busy working on various art projects for the coming year and the lure of rows of rusting pipes, discarded auto parts and the prospect of learning to weld is drawing us into possible 3D works.

Watercolour on 600gm paper.

Sculpted Metal


It’s a sculpture park. The men who work there just don’t realise. I’m talking about the automobile repair neighbourhood just down the road. The crafting of metal, the application of paint, the manipulation of wires and the mixing of chemicals to produce the orchestra of movement which is Istanbul is truly a creative feat. It may well be all about movement, I mean getting people and goods from one place to another, but if there was ever an art form devised from necessity it’s the motor repair industry.

The storm which struck the city on the 27th July and in the space of ten minutes rained down fist sized hail stones, left behind it a trail of destruction. The glaziers and the car body work industry have been delighted by the business this has brought. Brazil has sent over scores of workers skilled in the art of fixing dented car body work. The six month wait to settle insurance claims tells a story of pain for those with damaged vehicles and I expect the insurance companies are smarting. In the meantime one can spot the dimpled body work on the rooves of cars and the sides of buildings scarred by the strafing of outsized hail stones.

Last summer the city lived through a political storm, this summer it was a hail storm, never a dull moment.

Watercolour on 600gm paper – Discs

Allah Korusun

Istanbul’s love affair with the car doesn’t seem to diminish with the increase in traffic jams. Before I launch into a tirade against Istanbul traffic I should point out that I know Delhi traffic is horrific and certainly Chinese traffic jams are now legendary, Istanbul in comparison gets off lightly, but it’s still really bad! The essential accessory whilst driving seems to be a mobile phone firmly placed against one’s ear regardless of speed, manouevre or traffic intensity. I’m still very impressed with the politeness and patience of many Turks I meet, unfortunately traffic brings out the worst in humans and just recently I’ve witnessed  some very scary incidents involving knives, a lot of shouting and death threats, all because of the traffic.
Allah Korusun as they say.
Watercolour on 600gm paper

Burnout II

Burnout II

Summer is finally here. It’s been warmer in the Uk recently than Istanbul! But as the Beşiktaş football fans flooded across the Bosphorus today to celebrate their winning the League Championship the sun shone. I sat on the ferry crossing that enchanting stretch of water one never tires of wishing I had made the necessary seasonal adjustments like sunglasses and sun cream.

Whilst the city which positively aches with history gathers around the Bosphorus and the tourists thankfully return I remain captivated by rusted burnout vehicles found in the corners of the city where foreigners rarely tread.

Watercolour on 600gm paper.