Crushed street bollard in old Istanbul in watercolour

“So what do we stick on the end? I mean the bit that cuts stuff?” We were in the middle of buying a second hand angle grinder as we say in the UK, something that cuts through metal. Our conversation with Turkish craftsmen usually goes something like this. I go in search of a piece of equipment to help us with our 3D sculpture work and when I find the guy who can help us I say..
“Do you have one of those things which cuts through metal?”
“How thick is the metal” he’ll respond.
“I don’t know, it’s a car door, I guess pretty thick”. The guy usually pauses and then asks why we want to cut through a car door.
“It’s complicated to explain” this does nothing to help.
“OK, I’ll explain,  we’re artists and we are making sculptures”. At which point we’ll get out a photo of some of our efforts to date and then the conversation warms up and we drink tea…

A crushed bollard in Balat, Istanbul. Watercolour on 600 gm paper.