Eminönü is the place where Istanbul’ites spill off the ferry to work in the markets and wholesale bazaars of this ancient area. It is also the place where tourists board their boat trips up the Bosphorus.
This area is silently watched over by various historical giants that have dominated this city’s skyline for hundreds of years. The picture above is of the Suleimaniye Mosque built to the order of Suleiman the Magnificent in the 1550s. To the left of the picture is the New Mosque built in the 1590s and to the right is the smaller mosque of Rüstem Paşa built in the 1560s. If you think that’s a lot of mosques for such a small area, believe me there are a lot more inbetween! We’re not of course mentioning Hagia Sophia and the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet just up the hill.
Zonaro portrayed the area in this picture. I can’t help thinking, as a sentimental foreigner, that it would have been great to paint these colourful looking characters instead of the mass of traffic we have now.
My picture at the top is watercolour, oil pastel and a lot of water! I sold the original a few years ago but I have giclee prints of this image for sale.